Pick Your Own Schedule * Dates are approximate, please call to confirm* Weather and yearly crop conditions effect times. Location of fields change year to year on most non orchard and nursery crops. Additional instructions are posted at the farm stand at 812 Sound Avenue, Calverton NY 11933. U-Pick fields generally open from 9am to 4:30pm, except when otherwise noted due to limited quantities or weather conditions. Christmas Trees close at 4pm (see page) Please call (631)-929-4327 to confirm daily schedule. **Sorry, no pets allowed in U-Pick fields or store for health and safety reasons** All U-Pick fields are "Pick at You Own Risk." (they are open fields that can have natural obstacles such as weeds, animal holes, stumps, branches, vines, irrigation pipes/hoses/hydrants etc... Watch your step and use caution in all fields. Be careful around roads and supervise children at all times! Thanks.)

  • Strawberries : Late May through June.    Picking is now finished for the season. 
  • Raspberries :  Mid/late June - Late August.   In season, call each day for availability...(pick on west side of field closer to farm stand)
  • Blueberries : Late June - mid August.   In season, call each day for availability...
  • Blackberries : mid/Late July - Late August In Season, only pick dark purple/black ones, red ones will not ripen**
  • Peaches : Mid July - Mid September.   In Season, call each day for availability (Field is to East of farm stand, north side of road by traffic light currently)
  • Tomatoes : Late August - Late October
  • Peppers : Late August - Late October
  • Eggplant : Late August - Late October
  • Apples  : Late Aug/September - October
  • Pumpkins/Gourds : Late September -  Late October
  • Christmas Trees (U-Cut/Pre-Cut and "Live") : Check Homepage.

Here at Lewin Farms, we have a long tradition of offering a wide variety of crops we grow here for picking yourself. You can't possibly get any more fresh or local than that! Each crop has it's own season which can vary a bit year to year with weather and growing conditions. Picking your own locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables is a great way to not only get the greatest tasting freshest produce at a low price but also to not lose touch with where your food comes from. Picking your own food is a great outing or weekly routine for any family trying to live a healthy lifestyle while supporting local business and preserving open space. It can also be very educational for children. We invite you to come see for yourself...