Tree Farm will likely open the Friday after Thanksgiving (2019) barring poor weather.

Our Baiting Hollow Nursery is located on Fresh Pond Avenue in Calverton / Baiting Hollow. (same area as the apple orchard for those who are familiar with that). (Generally opens Friday after Thanksgiving, weather permitting)... Note: CASH ONLY accepted in fields**

9am to 4pm ** Gets dark early. You want to arrive by 3pm to allow yourself ample time to cut a tree. It's a large open field so there are no lights, which is why we stress everyone coming as early as they can if they want to cut a tree themselves. We also have pre-cut trees and "live" balled trees at the front of Entrance #1 (South Entrance by Power Lines). We do not accept credit cards at the tree farm or other U-pick fields. (only in farm stand). 

People with back, heart, and other health problems or who are pregnant should not cut or carry trees. Customers must remain seated on tractors while in motion and secure saws under the seats. It's a large field with stumps and holes here and there as trees are being cut. Customers must walk, not run. Customers must use caution and look down while moving through the fields so not to trip on branches, stumps, holes, uneven ground, mud, rocks etc...

The Field is very large with trees ranging in size from 1'- well over 15'. The price on all cut trees (pre-cut or u-cut) is the same ($40 for 2018). Do not cut small/baby trees or tops off of any trees. You will be charged the price of any other full size tree. We offer all our trees at the same very affordable price so let the little ones grow. 

We provide saws for rent. We just need a $5 deposit when you come in for the saw which is then taken off the price of the tree when you leave. Use caution handling saws and don't lose them! We also allow customers to bring their own saws.

We also provide tractor rides out to the field and back to the front. On busy weekends expect longer wait times. Customers can also walk straight out to field and carry their trees back themselves as well. Make sure you stay on the same tractor as your tree is on and don't lose the ID #'d tag that the tractor driver provides you for identifying your tree. 

We wrap the trees and also provide rope/twine to our customers for tying onto their cars. Securing the trees to the cars is the responsibility of the customer. Sometimes employees can help but it depends on how busy it is at that time. 

Prices for live balled trees are all $55. (for 2018)

Varieties we offer:

  • Douglas Fir (the most popular and versatile Christmas Tree, which we have the most of and grow very full)

  • Blue Spruce (beautiful blue tinted tree with very strong branches for heavy ornaments, but spiny. Some are blue green while others are more straight blue)

  • Norway Spruce (similar to blue spruce with strong branches and sharp needles but have beautiful dark green needles. Slightly less sharp than Blue Spuce)

  • White Pine (Strong branches, more "bushy" looking trees with very long needles)

We also have some other various spruce types and arborvitae (arborvitae generally not used as a Christmas tree)

 * Dates are approximate and  subject to weather and field conditions. 

A satisfied customer and his tree....

This customer appears to have found about a 12 footer....

Douglas fir and blue spruce pictured....

Our "Live" balled trees for replanting.